Five Things to Know Before Booking a Ride to LaGuardia Airport

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LaGuardia Airport (LGA) sees hundreds of travelers every day. Being such a busy airport, taking public transportation to make your flight can be hectic and stressful. If you want to avoid the hassles of booking a ride share or waiting for a taxi, book a ride to LaGuardia Airport with a black car service in New York.

Hiring a professional chauffeur is a terrific way to navigate New York traffic without the hassle or the headache. Plus, black car services have state-of-the-art and luxurious vehicles that make it easy for you to enjoy your trip to the airport. After booking your ride, check out this guide to LaGuardia Airport.

What You Need to Know Before You Book a Ride to LaGuardia Airport

You have several different transportation options for getting a ride to the airport. While rideshares and buses are often cheaper, they certainly aren’t comfortable or reliable.

If you want a stress-free and comfortable ride, booking a black car service is the way to go. But there are a few things for you to know first.

1. Let Your Chauffeur Open and Close Car Doors

If you’ve never booked a black car service before, you may be surprised at the level of service. For example, it’s not uncommon for chauffeurs to open car doors for their passengers, and here’s why.

When you book a professional car service with a reputable company, the chauffeur will do everything in their power to make your trip as enjoyable and safe as possible, including opening the doors as you enter and exit. It’s especially important to wait for them to open the door for you when you arrive at LaGuardia Airport, as they will only do so when they know it is safe.

Plus, your chauffeur will help load and unload your luggage, so there’s no reason for you to open the trunk yourself. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

2. Hire an Experienced Driver

No two chauffeurs are the same, and not all black car services offer the same quality. If you want a smooth ride to LaGuardia Airport, you need to make sure that you hire a driver with sufficient experience.

A reputable chauffeur will always be on time, courteous, and extremely familiar with the local area. They should also have plenty of experience navigating New York traffic at different hours of the day. That way, they will know the most efficient route to get you to LaGuardia Airport, whether you’re catching a midday flight or the redeye.

3.  Know How Big Your Traveling Party Is

One of the more important things to know before booking a ride is how big the party you’re traveling with is. Black car services have expansive fleets with multiple types of vehicles, so whether you’re traveling with a large group or just you, you can find the perfect-sized vehicle.

Unlike booking a ride with a public LGA airport shuttle, a black car service ensures that everyone has a seat in a state-of-the-art vehicle. Once you know how big your party is, reach out to the company or browse its website to explore its fleet and book a vehicle with enough seats for everyone.

4. Check for Guarantees

Any black car service can take you to LaGuardia Airport, but not all of them can guarantee on-time arrivals, professional drivers, or convenience. Before you book a ride, check for any guarantees the company offers.

For instance, the most reputable black car companies offer a 100% on-time service guarantee. This way, you don’t have to stress about making your flight or getting to the airport in time to meet someone.

5. Reputable Companies Should Have Good Reviews

One of the reasons why people prefer to book a black car service over a LaGuardia Airport shuttle is the personalized experience. A good way to check a company’s reputation is by looking at its customer reviews. While pretty much every company will have one or two bad reviews, it certainly says something if it has mostly good or bad ones.

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