The benefits of using a private transportation company

private transportation in New Jersey

No matter the reason for your travel, knowing that you have a lift when you need one can reduce a great deal of stress. If you’re traveling for business, getting to your meeting or presentation site with enough time to tidy up and fully prepare can increase your chances of a sale. For those traveling for pleasure, waiting for a car can cut into your fun! Hiring private transportation will lower your worries.

Keep Your Travel Group Secure

Depending on when your plane lands or your train pulls into the station, waiting for your pick-up can occur at odd times. By booking a specific pick-up with a professional transportation company, you can be sure that you and your travel companions won’t be standing outside waiting for a car in the dark.

The professionals at A1 Quality Express will meet you at the airport and take you right to your hotel. They service

and you can book your pickup online.

Let a Professional Handle the Driving

No matter how accustomed you are to city driving, the cities of the northeastern United States can be intense. Instead of worrying about picking up a rental car and trying to drive a strange car in a new city, hiring private transportation means that your vacation starts as soon as you get off the plane.

Skilled professional drivers with a quality transportation company behind them mean that you can enjoy a more intimate trip than a simple taxi, rideshare, or public trip from the airport to wherever you’re staying.

Keep the contact information for this private transportation company when you’re booking a night on the town as well. If you want an adult beverage to celebrate a successful business presentation or a family event, knowing that you have a driver and a transportation company that can safely get you back to the hotel will allow you to relax fully.

Celebrate a Major Event

If your trip to the city is related to a special event, A1 Quality Express can help you travel in style! Travel from your hotel to a special venue in style with one of the sedans or limos from the A1 fleet.

For those traveling with family to a particular venue, A1 also offers multi-passenger vans, buses, and SUVs. If anyone in your party is a bit older, one of the SUV travel options can provide more comfortable access for an elder.

Contact A1 for a travel package to get everyone to a particular venue at a specified time. For example, if you’re traveling to a venue for a wedding, an anniversary dinner, or a particular presentation, the drivers from A1 can pick up guests at multiple venues for a timely arrival for everyone in your party.

Well Worth the Investment

The fleet options from A1 mean that you can travel in style, in comfort, and in isolation. It’s a challenging time to travel and feel safe. With a booking through A1 Quality Express, you can be sure that the vehicle you’re traveling in is safe, fully disinfected, and handled by a professional.

Many of us have been missing the chance to travel. If you are finally getting on the road with your family for a trip to the city, knowing that you can travel in safety will increase your enjoyment of the trip. You can book your trip online, email at [email protected], or call them at 1-800-530-9952. Arrange a trip that offers all the glamour and bustle of the city without the stress of travel worries. Will it cost more than the bus, the subway, or rideshare? Yes. However, booking with A1 will be completely worth it.

If you’re ready to finally do some traveling with your family, contact A1 with your itinerary and your daily transportation needs. Working with A1 means that you have more than a ride. You have a travel partner who can help you meet your schedule and keep you and your travel group safe.

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