Wedding Car Hire in Newark with A1QE

wedding car hire in newark

Weddings are magical, and it is an occasion that should be celebrated with only the finest things. From the perfect dress to the ideal location, there are many things to consider to make the day special. While everyone focuses on the tiniest detail like the arch decor or the type of flowers to use, one should not forget about the car they will use. This is not only for the groom and bride but also for the whole wedding entourage. If you want the ceremony to start with everyone present, you should get a transportation service. This will ensure that everything will begin on time with no delays. It will also provide a convenient way for everyone to go from one location to another. You can find a wedding car hire in Newark since many companies offer this service.

A1 Quality Express is a car service company that provides only the best services to its clients. With years of experience in the industry, we fully understand what is essential to all our customers. From having the perfect vehicle to arriving on time as scheduled, we can deliver all these and more.

Our fleet comes with cars of all sizes. This is how we make sure that you can find a suitable car for your trip whether you are traveling alone or in a group. Each vehicle is equipped with state of the art interior that offers comfort and style. Sit back and relax while our trained and fully insured drivers take you to your destination. Expect little to no delays; they are skilled in driving and know the roads well enough to avoid any typical traffic. Anytime you are ready to book a ride with us, just send us a message.

Cadillac XTS

3 Passengers

Cadillac Escalade

6 Passengers

Mercedes Sprinter

13 Passengers


Our team is always available to get you started on your luxurious ride. Reserve your car service today with us!