Safe Travels to See Your Family this Thanksgiving

safe travels for thanksgiving this year

Everyone is facing challenges that we could never have anticipated. Families are observing the holidays differently than ever before, and safe travels are on everyone’s mind. At A1 Quality Express, the safety of our customers and employees is our number one priority, especially during this busy holiday season.

Each of our customers is special to us, and we work diligently to ensure their safety. When you reserve a private vehicle for the Thanksgiving holiday, you can rest assured of traveling in safety to your location. The holiday will look different this year, but there will still be plenty of Thanksgiving events around the city.

Precautions To Keep You Safe

The WHO and CDC establish strict guidelines to keep people as safe as possible during the pandemic. Safety measures you should take include:

  • Avoiding anyone who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID
  • Wearing a mask
  • Covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough
  • Keep from touching your face
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds

Sanitizing Our Vehicles

We still have a lot to learn about COVID. However, some studies show that when people may be infected by touching certain surfaces, then putting their hands to their faces. Sometimes, people can be infected with the virus but don’t show any immediate symptoms. Here are the precautions we take to keep our vehicles safe.

  1. We keep disinfectant wipes, sprays, and bags to dispose of trash in our vehicles.
  2. We follow directions carefully on all cleaning and disinfecting products.
  3. Surfaces in our cars are cleaned with soap, water, and disinfectant after each passenger.
  4. We clean the interior surfaces of our vehicles before and following each shift.

Recommendations from the EPA include using 70 percent alcohol cleaning solution and diluted bleach on surfaces that are non-porous.

Driver And Passenger Tips

Our drivers must wash their hands before and after shifts and breaks. Drivers should also be washing their hands after handling luggage or money and after they pump gas. Lunch and bathroom breaks are also essential times for washing hands thoroughly for 20 seconds. Our private chauffeurs and passengers should avoid shaking hands or exchanging items like business cards. Social distancing is a must.

A1 Quality Express Services

A1 Quality Express assures you and your family of safe travels for your Thanksgiving celebration. We provide our customers with exemplary service and luxury ground transportation. Your personal chauffeur will arrive at the airport on time to pick up you and your party and drive you safely to your destination. A lot of people are on the road for the Thanksgiving holiday, and by hiring us for your transportation needs, you can sit back and socialize with your family on the way to your destination.

Make Thanksgiving Reservations Early

A1 Quality Express is dedicated to providing our customers with safe, luxurious transportation. We can accommodate small and large parties in:

  • Manhattan
  • New Jersey
  • Staten Island

Our driver will arrive at the appointed time to get you safely to your destination to enjoy the holiday with your family. Contact us today to discuss your Thanksgiving plans and get a quote.

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