Six Reasons to Hire Private Airport Service When Traveling in a Group in NYC

Planning any type of travel requires attending to a long list of to-do’s. Planning travel to NYC  for a group is even more complicated, especially when people are coming in from all over the country on different schedules. Arranging for a private shuttle service for airport transportation in NYC when traveling in a group eliminates many of these headaches and makes the experience more relaxing and enjoyable for everyone.

Why You Should Hire Private Ground Transport When Visiting NYC

During the planning stage of group travel, consider these major benefits of hiring a service to handle airport transportation for your big group.

1. Streamlined Coordination

Are you visiting NYC with a group of friends or arranging a business meeting with people coming from everywhere? When everyone on a group trip has a unique itinerary — flying multiple airlines, arriving at different times — figuring out how to retrieve them all from the airport and get them to the hotel often requires some logistic gymnastics.

Working with a professional transportation provider streamlines this process. They just need everyone’s flight information, and they’ll take care of the rest. Whether everyone is arriving on the same flight or taking separate flights arriving around the same time, the shuttle service will make sure everyone has a safe, reliable ride to their accommodations.

2. Cost-Effective

Hiring private airport transportation when traveling in a group cuts expenses. Instead of everyone paying for individual rideshares or cab fares, it’s less expensive for a group to split the bill for a shared shuttle. Taking a private shuttle also means you don’t have to rent a car or deal with parking charges at the hotel, which puts more cash in everyone’s pocket.

3. Safe and Reliable

NYC is a major city with a complex network of highways and interchanges, and it’s easy for any visitor to get lost or stuck in traffic. Professional drivers know the city and the best routes to take, so you don’t need to worry about wandering off course and trying to navigate unfamiliar streets. Shuttle drivers also know the city’s traffic patterns and the best routes to avoid bumper-to-bumper slowdowns, so you can relax and get to your lodgings more quickly when they do the driving.

4. More Fun

Arranging for a shuttle to transport your group of friends from the airport to your hotel means the fun starts the second you step off the plane. Instead of starting the trip with the hassles of finding transportation and trying to cram everyone’s luggage into a rental car or taxi, then finding your way around town, the whole crew can have a great time socializing and catching up during the ride. It’s a convenient and comfortable way to travel, with plenty of room for everyone and all their bags.

5. Personalized Service

Airport transportation providers aim to provide exceptional service to every customer, which means personalizing the experience to your specifications. Whether you want to have refreshments available for your group on the ride over, want to make some extra stops between the airport and accommodations for supplies, or just need some travel tips to make the most of your time in NYC, the courteous and experienced drivers are ready to provide the best possible experience.

6. Increased Privacy

A private airport shuttle is just that: private. When traveling in a group, you don’t always want to deal with crowded public transportation or waste time driving around to drop off other passengers on a shared ride. Scheduling service in advance ensures it’s only your party on the vehicle, and you have total privacy and convenience from the moment you arrive at the airport.

When it’s time to head home, a private service works around your schedule. You don’t have to worry about leaving hours before your flight to pick up other riders or risk missing takeoff because someone else was running behind.

Arrange Private Airport Transportation in NYC with A1 Quality Express

With a fleet of vehicles that can accommodate between two and 35 passengers and knowledgeable drivers, A1 Quality Express is the preferred NYC transportation provider.

When planning on traveling in a group to the area, give A1 Quality Express a call at 1(800)-530-9952 or request an instant quote and reservation online. We’re here to make your visit to NYC, as pleasant as possible.

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