Choosing The Right Private Jet Charter Service

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Due to the pandemic, we have seen an increase of pickups and deliveries into small or private airports around New Jersey, like Teterboro Airport.

The Rise of Private Air Transportation on the Pandemic Era

As you may have experienced, vacations can be great or vacations may be awful. It all depends on every little choice you make to make travel come true. One of these choices is deciding which private jet charter or private transportation company is the best.

You have to keep in mind some things when choosing a private jet charter service. There are some good services for private jets out there but that may not be what you were looking for. For example: Do you need a butler for the plane? Do you need a Jacuzzi? Is the flight long enough to take advantage of the features your private jet charter service delivers?

First, you have to make a contact list of private jet charter services available for you. Once you have that list you’ll need to talk to each and every one of them, request a brochure and rates in writing via email, so they can give you an in-depth look at what their private jet charter services bring. Some of them provide videos of inside the airplanes. Then you’ll have to look for features that you won’t want, and using this method, uncheck form the list some of those private jet charter services.

By now you should have a narrower list of service providers, this is good because it means every company in your list is better qualified to bring you a better vacation or business travel. The next thing to look for is the price and additional add-ons. You have to assume that all these types of private jet charter services are priced high, but sometimes they are offered as a charter network and you can get packages, for example, 15 hours of flight per month, 30 hours, etc. Look for a reasonable price and for things they may be charging you but you don’t want (a butler or flight attendant for example)

The last thing, but the most important is a subtle one. It is about the human factor. A private jet charter service is not all about the features and private jets, it is about people too. People that can make your travel a better one if they are kind and want to bring the best service to you. Try to know the people, the drive of the company. Ask them what makes them a better private jet carter service than the competition. Don’t be afraid to ask those questions, because, in the end, those questions will be critical to the success of your travel.

Those were the tips for choosing a private jet charter service. But remember this all happens in the air, so when you land is all about you! Have the vacations you’ve always dreamed of! Make that business meeting a great opportunity for your company! A private jet service will make sure your travel won’t be a stressful one, and when you land we will be there to pick you up with our vehicles from our luxury fleet.

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